It Begins with You!



Hi there,

Some things we want you to know as a fresh graduate in Nigeria today:

1. There are jobs. Don’t get that fact twisted. It doesn’t matter what the economy says or what it seems like. There are vacancies everywhere if you will open your mind to see them. But bear in mind that employers will only pay for value. If they think you can make a difference in their companies, they will hire you. So it’s up to you to sell yourself.

2. It begins with you. If you feel good on the inside and have a positive outlook about life, if shows in your dealings with people. So get rid of all misconceptions or preconceived notions about the workplace and go make your dream happen.







3 thoughts on “It Begins with You!”

  1. Naomi, I liken you to the occasional discovery of grain in the midst of a mountain of chaff. Surely, your reward transcends this realm… The minimum expected of people like us is to support this noble objective in any way we can. Specifically in the area of visual art, (where I am involved in the business of self-empowerment for self-employment), you can consult or contact me for assistance. God bless you !


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