Busting the Myths


I hope today’s been great so far.

So you’re a graduate and It’s been duanting trying to get a job and you think some factors are responsible for your inability to do so? Whether you are right or wrong is not relevant to the discussion, but believing certain misconceptions may actually hinder you from achieving your goals. So if you believed one of the following ‘myths’, it’s time for a reorientation:

1. You need to know someone high up to get a job (Friends in high places syndrome) Actually? not really! It doesn’t hurt to know people, but it doesn’t determine your success or failure and ultimately, even when given the opportunity, you’re going to have to prove yourself.

2: There are no jobs. Says who? It’ll shock you the number of vacancies there are out there…vacancies that never make it to the papers. My dear, there are jobs, but like I said yesterday, employers will only pay for value, real or perceived. Learn to sell solutions, not your CV or educational pedigree.

3: No one employs 3rd class and HND graduates. It can be challenging, especially because of our dependence on paper qualifications, and there are instances where discrimination has occurred but don’t let it stop you.  One piece of advice- Work on developing critical job market skills and ensure that while you search you keep your mind active and invest in personal development. You have to give an employer reason to overlook your qualification and hire you now don’t you?

4: Your background is a minus: As farfetched as this sounds, I’ve actually seen how it’s crippled some people’s career growth. You feel self conscious cos you’re short, or from a poor home, or attended public schools or have a physical deformity? I’d say do something about it if you can, but if it’s something you can’t change, accept it and cultivate a positive outlook; it’s infectious. Besides, you’ll get a job based on the value you can add, not your height or complexion.

In summary, be careful what you believe, because it may eventually become your reality.

Have a great day and stay positive.




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