Dear Corps Member…

Dear Corps Member,

After four, six, eight years in the university; endless strikes and civil unrests, you are now a graduate. Congratulations! It’s no mean feat you have achieved. So now, you’re waiting for your call up letter, or currently serving or passing out? Good!

Let’s not talk about you ‘working’ your posting to a safe and well paying location/organization. We understand the antics of Boko Haram and the seeming instability in the country, so it’s ok…. Let’s however, talk about the mentality of the average Nigerian graduate about NYSC. It’s a waste of time… It’s outlived its usefulness… It’s just a political tool to syphon money…Whatever your thoughts are, get one thing straight though: It’s compulsory and demands one year of your time; except of course, you are above 28. Understand the implication of this fact and even with its shortcomings, ensure you maximize your NYSC period.

For most graduates, NYSC will serve as your first experience working a real job. Sadly, most of you do not take it seriously and miss a golden opportunity to prepare for life in the real world.

The standard of Education in Nigeria is falling, has been falling for decades and its gotten to a point where employers are no longer confident in the quality of graduates Nigerian Universities produce and with good reason. From experience, most employers find them unproductive on the job, with little or no emotional intelligence and very poor applied technical skills. So whenever they see a CV with no work experience, it’s an automatic turn off.

Where does this leave you? Well, in a very disadvantaged position; except if you can show a potential employer via your CV, things you have done and skills you possess that differentiate you from the over 151,000 that graduate every year.

And this is where NYSC comes in. If you take it seriously and go the extra mile while serving, it might be the edge you need to nail your first job after service.

Stay with me, I’ll conclude this post before the day runs out…

P.s-For those of you passing out today, congratulations. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see this earlier yeah?


Naomi Lucas



6 thoughts on “Dear Corps Member…”

  1. Reblogged this on Amamihe! and commented:
    The days of talking are over. It’s now a ‘do, doing, done’ time. Like the Chinese proverb says, “Man who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt man who is doing it.”


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