Before Dropping Your CV Off…

ImageHere are a few things you should know before hitting the road:

Again I would say research the companies you want to work with: who manages the companies? How long have they been in business? What projects have they executed? Who are the top players within that industry? This’ll help you decide if you’re the right fit for the organization.

Address your Cover letter correctly. Pay attention to date, titles and address.  While searching for my first job, I wanted to work for a company who’s MD was someone called Funmi. In my mind, Funmi is a name borne by women. So I send my CV and cover letter to Mrs Funmi. I had a really good laugh when I found out the MD was a no nonsense man called Funmi. No wonder I never got response.

If you’re sending hard copies, use a LaserJet printer so your documents don’t smudge if they come in contact with water. Use concraw paper, it looks classy and will make your CV stand out. Do not photocopy they never come out as nice as the original.

Take time out and visit the physical addresses of these companies. Check out their facility; observe the receptionists, the guards and staff you come across. Get a gut feel about the place and what it might be like to work in there. You’ll be surprised what you find.

When you drop off your documents be nice to the receptionist/guards. Those guys can mess you up if they want and can frustrate your efforts if you aren’t careful.

Ensure you get a phone number and follow up. Be proactive, the job won’t come to you.

Job-hunting is like a race. You practice and get ready to deal with droves of people wanting the exact same thing you do! It’s all your preparation beforehand that will ensure your success when it’s time to race.

All the best.


Naomi Lucas

3 thoughts on “Before Dropping Your CV Off…”

    1. Hi Mannix,

      So sorry, I just searched now and found your CV in my spam box. I’ll look through and revert to you soon…

      Concraw is a thicker, more classy paper that comes in different colours…

      Thanks Mannix…


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