On Low Self Esteem

Last month I had a session with a youth group where I treated the issue of poor self-image and its implications on leadership. I’ve realized that low self-esteem is an insidious yet rarely talked about issue that cripples young people and their ability to find and maximize their abilities.
My session was supposed to last for 45 minutes. I spent about 2 hours; then spent another 30 minutes taking questions and about 1 hour more addressing issues some couldn’t talk about publicly. It was this session that inspired my blog post ‘On Low Self Esteem’
I got a couple of messages from people who read that post basically saying, “Naomi, I have this problem and I don’t know what to do.” One of those who sent me a message was an acquaintance. She wanted to see me; she wanted to talk. I agreed to a meeting even though I kept wondering what I wasgoing to say to her.
Just listening to her broke my heart. She was okay, sort of, until she graduated with a Third Class.  While she could find a way to deal with it, her family couldn’t. From parents to siblings, she’s been made and is still being made to feel stupid. Four years after, she remembers vividly the hurtful things they said to her; that grade has and is still defining the way she feels about herself.
I was planning a retreat-type event for youths when we spoke and knowing it was a topic I intended to treat exhaustively at the retreat, I told her she could be my assistant if she wanted. That way, she couldbenefit from the process as well. I made her a promise that if the retreat didn’t hold as planned, I would treat the issue on my blog.
It didn’t, so in the coming days, I’ll be posting a series of write-ups on the topic; even if you don’t fit the profile, you probably will know someone who does. Be kind enough to share, let’s all start the New Year with a fresh dose of confidence 😀

©Naomi Lucas


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