17 Things You Should Never Ever Include In Your CV(II)

thmmjGoodday Guys! we’ve seen the silent mistakes we make while constructing our CVs. Here is the concluding part of the article.Enjoy, Update, and Polish your CV now.

1) Salary expectations: Expectations of salary are not something to be advertised on your CV. Any mention of them can be shelved till you are called for an interview. If you state the remuneration you expect, you might either be over-expecting or under-expecting what the company is looking to offer, and you may lose the role because of a salary mismatch.
2) Overdressed CVs: Your CV should be simple, straightforward and professional. Flashy CV’s can put off most recruiters as they are looking for a professional. Avoid the use of personal pronouns such as I. Instead of referring to you, refer to your achievements and experiences in a list, using bullet points
3) Fake information:  Avoid lies and making false claims. It is very easy to obtain personal information these days. So choose your words carefully on your CV. Be as truthful as possible. Statistics show that one in three employers reject candidates on the basis of information found online. Do not lie about your salary in order to land a better job. In case you get recruited, and the employer finds out later that you have falsified information, you are liable for criminal action. It is also best to avoid unverifiable information, anything negative against your previous employers, whining and complaints, as this is a sign of lack of professionalism.
4) Photographs: Do NOT display a photo of yourself on your CV unless you are in a profession, which demands the necessity, such as modelling or films. Selection of CVs on the basis of photographs may lead to accusations of discrimination later on for the employers. Statistics show that the rejection rate for CVs with photographs is 88%.
5) Improper email addresses: Do you know that 76 % of CV’s are ignored because the e-mail address you used conveys a lack of professionalism? Use email addresses for your CV which sound professional and not something that raises questions on your common sense! Emails like hotsexyluv@… and lazysod@… have been actually used in CVs and needless to say, they didn’t land a job.
6) Mentioning reasons for leaving previous employment: Someone actually mentioned his reason for leaving the previous job, as “It was hard work”. It is best not to mention reasons for leaving the last job. These things are best discussed during face-to-face meetings. Mentioning this on CV’s would distract the recruiter from the aim of the CV.
7) Poor structure: Many recruiters admit that messy and disorganized CVs are one big reason why they reject CVs. The better organised the content of your CV, the better it would stand up to the scrutiny.


Focusing on what to do and what NOT to do can really save you from costly experiences if you are looking for a job. So do take heed of the above pointers, and polish your CV, so that it truly reflects you in the best possible way. Your CV is your selling point and it is your job to ensure that it is received with a bang, than with a hiss.





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