Money Making Tips For NYSC Orientation Camp





As the NYSC orientation camp comes forth in days ahead, i will like to reveal several ways copers and non-copers can use this event to make few cash for the duration of the camp. below are some tips that should be vital to potential entrepreneurs out there.

first things first……..
For you to engage in any kind of this business on camp, you will have to register with the camp officials. The amount you will be charged depends on the kind of business you want to set up on camp. Once your registration has been approved, then you are free to go on with your business on camp without being harassment.
If you think your business is too small to be registered, then try collaborating with another business owner on camp.
1. Start Selling Food and Drinks
Selling food and drinks like minerals, yoghurt, zobo, beers and other assorted drinks at the orientation camp will fetch you a lot of money no doubt about it. Set up a restaurant at the MAMI MARKET (nick-name given to markets at NYSC camps), and offer your services.
Although NYSC will provide food to Corpers, 3 times a day throughout the duration of the Orientation exercise. Nevertheless, most corp members would prefer to go to join majority of Corpers on camp to patronize the mami market and get a feel of the local dishes.

2. Photocopying services
Yes of course, there will be a lot of xeroxing and photocopying of original files and documents by corpers at the camp. so if you arrange for a source of electricity or its alternative like a generator, together with a photocopying machine, you can take it to the camp and start doing business. i will advice you to go for the 3 in 1 deskjet photocopying machine that has a scanner on it.

3. Taking Photographs/photo shots
This is one of the hottest businesses on the camp. With thousands of Corpers engaging in different activities, for a whole 3 weeks, then, you should just imagine how much you can make from this business. No matter the competitions, you will surely have your own customers and make your money.With quality snaps shots, fast delivery and good customer interfacing skills, you will surely make it.
This business is easier for Non-Corpers because, as a Corper, in NYSC kit, you will not be allowed to do business during camp activities. Nevertheless, as a corper, if you have your personal digital camera, you can take loads of pictures during the activities. Then, during leisure time, you can ask one of the registered photographers on camp to help you print them out in town. All you just have to do is to the person your memory card, coupled with good compensation.

4. Phone Calls and Battery Charging kiosk
Selling Recharge cards, offering phone call services and charging of mobile phone batteries can also make good money on camp for you.
All you just need to start this business is a small generator set, some desktop chargers, some power sockets and a kiosk. you can pay an electrician to wire the socket board perfectly for you.
You will have to be very careful with your customers phones, to avoid troubles; hence always make sure you label their phones or batteries with their names using a permanent marker/sellotape.
There might be competitions but there is no way you will not get your own share of the market.


6. Laundry services:
There are many Corpers out there that will not be able wash their kits by themselves while on camp, for different reasons best known to them, hence all they do is find someone that will help them wash their dirty kits and pay some cash in return.
More so, Corpers don’t go to camp with electric irons. Even at most camp, Corpers are not allowed to make use of electric gadgets. As a result of this, you will be making extra money just helping Corpers to Iron their clothes. you can use a charcoal pressing iron but make sure you are careful‘ with it. Label every shirt, khaki or jungle boot received with the Corper’s unique State code, so that when the owner comes back to claim his/her khaki, you will find it very easy to locate it without any mix-up with other khakis that are in your care.
You might not be able to do this business alone because I wonder what you will do when you have over a hundred of kits on ground to be washed and ironed. Corpers will be mad at you if you tell them that their kits are not ready when they are suppose to wear it to the parade ground, the next morning.
Buy a washing machine if you can afford one or better still organize boys whom are willing to combine the business with you, while some of them will be washing, some will be ironing, you will be on the field, marketing and others will be going from one hostel to another, packing dirty kits to their stand.

7. Mending torn clothes:
You can also make money on camp helping Corp-members to fix their torn wears. Most kits supplied to majority of the corpers don’t suit them, hence many of them always love to adjust the size to fit them properly. More so,there are usually cases where shorts get ripped during exercises.

8. Free browsing Configuration:
Most corp-members will come to camp with phones and laptops. if you know how to configure mobile phones and laptops for free browsing, then these is your opportunity. note that only web-enabled phones that will be able to browse, provided there is at least, GPRS service at the camp location. As a corper, you can be making some money for yourself if you can be configuring free browsing for fellow corp-members just for a token. It can also fetched you a lot of new friends if you are doing it free.
You can also maintain a mini cyber cafe with about five computers using the MTN Wifi modem that can connect five computers via WiFi connection


10. Selling Inspirational books and offer unique services:
You can also make money on camp selling Inspirational books, Novels, Motivational books, Cutlleries, Magazines, Newspapers, wears, musical CDs etc you can also write a book on how to do anything that you know will attract peoples attention.
What of setting up a mini barbing salon or a nail-fixing center? The list is endless. Just think of something you know Corp-members will need/love to buy and you will see money flowing well into your pocket.




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