Bad Workplace Habits That Can Cost You Your Job







1.Body language: Rolling your eyes, spacing out, grunting, and sighing when being addressed are just some of the common body cues that can negatively impact your interactions at the office. Even if you are mildly disappointed with the change in direction on a project or are not excited about a task, it’s imperative to learn to remain alert, but also calm. Also, being withdrawn and disengaged may tell your boss and colleagues you are not interested in the work, pushing them to second guess your projects.
2. Preferring to work alone: While being able to work independently for long periods of time is a great skill to have, wanting to work alone all the time is not. Your employer will see you as not a team player and hesitate to bring you into new projects that involve teamwork. Not to mention, wanting to work by yourself will keep management from promoting you into any other role.
3. Bad manners: Whether you are interacting with someone over email or in person, it’s important to say please and thank you. Also, try not to swear, cut people off mid-sentence, and raise your voice. People with bad manners eventually isolate themselves, because no one likes to work with them — making it easy for a company to let them go.
4. Punctuality: Even if you are one of those people who works best under pressure, doing things last minute is a bad habit that can get you fired — especially if your tardiness causes others to deliver their projects late.

5.Social media addiction: If you are checking your tweets or status updates more than once an hour, you probably have a social media addiction. And even if you think your boss and colleagues are not paying attention, you are mistaken. Aside from people eyeing you playing with your phone, many employers are able to track what websites their employees visit. And no matter how you spin it, it’s just not possible for someone to be productive when they are jumping on Facebook 20 times in a work day.
6. Stretching the truth: Everyone stretches the truth once in a while. But if you do it too often, people will start to notice. They will know that when you said you took a five minute break, it was really 20. Eventually, you become unreliable and will not be trusted with important information — keeping you from advancing within the organization.
7. Being inconsiderate: Bringing in smelly lunches, playing music too loud, or using the speaker phone setting to make your calls will put you on everyone’s bad side. If you are unsure if your behavior affects anyone around you, simply ask. Although your colleagues may not be saying anything, being inconsiderate will keep coworkers from wanting to work with you — possibly jeopardizing promotions.

Everyone has got a guilt spot in all the habits listed. It is never too late to turn a new leaf…..




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