Four Things We Need To Have A ‘Good’ Day At Work




Do you agree with what people are telling us about four simple things to ensure you have a ‘good’ day at work. One thing we do know is that for people to be highly productive – that is do his or her best work – they need to be in flow. And often,’management’ or perceived bureaucracy get in the way.
What gets in the way of you doing ‘your best work?’

Desire number one – More praise
One in five employees do not receive any praise or say, at best, it happens once per year. We want our managers to praise us more often, and more specifically. Although some bosses argue that employees only work for the money, it is far more than that. Do you feel more motivated when your efforts are noticed?
Desire number two- Better managers
52% of employees say they would leave a role because of their direct manager, and two thirds are convinced their managers don’t know what motivates them to be more productive. Everyone wants to work with a motivating, supportive manager. Have you ever left a job because of your manager?
Desire number three – More time with friends and family
Laptops, iPhones, Blackberries – it is too easy to work nowadays. The boundaries blur and employers need to recognize this. Business owners have a responsibility to shore people against burn out, and more time with friends and family plays a vital role in this. Have you ever worked somewhere that was all work and no play?
Desire number four – Greater trust
At Red Balloon, we call it ‘treating people like grown-ups.’ Trust should be a given, not something that is earned. You trust that you have been given a role to do your best, and your boss trusts he has chosen the best person for the role. This ought to happen right from the start because it’s empowering starting from a place of trust. What’s been your experience of trust at work?
What does it take for you to have a great day at work?



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