On The Elusive Light At The End Of The Tunnel…


I was working and watching an inspirational music channel. The music filtered through my sub-consciuos and song after song after song, I picked up the phrases…

Your miracle is on the way

Hold on

Don’t give up

Dust yourself up and try again

Help is on the way

Hang in there

It’s almost over…

And I paused.

What is it about us and the perpetual light at the end of the tunnel?

I get that our music has its roots in tribulation but can we sing about something else? Something lighter, non-problem based?

There’s the sun, the moon, flowers, happy people all around; God, tender mercies, friendship. Why must our lyrics concentrate on darkness and challenges and the things we are ‘going through?’

Concentrating on a problem amplifies it and make us focus too much on ourselves. And though the message of hope in these songs are useful, it sometimes misses the point.

Not every tunnel has a light at the end, sometimes the point of a challenge is to go through it… Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom before we can rise. Not every story ends well, the tragic ending  is sometimes the lesson.

Joy, hope and happiness should be regardless of a situation, not based on the expectation that the end of a matter will be peaceful or favourable.

Strength, character and staying power is built through adversity.

We should sing about that too.

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