Attitudes That Can Ruin Your Reputation At Work




It takes time to stand up domino’s pieces one behind another, but few seconds to make them all fall down. The same it can be applied on reputation, it is pity to know how long it takes to build success when you can nearly lose anything in an instant. Careless mistakes can prove very costly. Mistakes are great when you can learn from them, but if there is no second chance to do so they’re not worth the risk. Think twice.

Top 10: Being extremely honest out of professional frame

I am not saying do not be honest. The point is when you start mixing your emotions, feelings, work and private life in the same Jar, things will end bad. Be professional and honest about your work, and stay in that frame. Don’t expose too much of your feelings, emotions and private life in your work.

Top 9: No reputation

Not having reputation doesn’t mean having a bad one. Some professionals are generic. it’s just that they don’t have reputation at all. If you are one of this type you can choose to never make a mistake during the rest of your career path, because your first mistake will be judged on it. Or, stop being risk averse and step out from that routine and start building your reputation. Being a risk seeker is one way of doing that.

Top 8: Previous bad reputation

It is a nightmare for those who damaged their reputation before, then they decided to make change and learn from the past. They go for a new start, blank page, being careful and doing things slowly, when something appears from the past to their new surrounding. But if they are in new healthy environment, people around them will accept it, because they will think that anyone needs a pre-second chance.

Top 7: No contribution

Participating just to participate in work, meetings…etc. Saying something just for the sake of speaking doesn’t add anything productive. Instead, be innovative, prepare ahead, and keep in mind that quality over quantity when collaborating with others is important.

Top 6: Ignoring

Friendships with your colleagues is very important. Strive to be known and well-liked, so that coworkers want to share valuable information with you and help you when you need it. Else keep ignoring them then you will be ignored. And when someone is ignored, it means that we know nothing about his/her reputation only what we hear from others and there no others. Thus, in general it will be negative feedback about the reputation. because most of the people interpret ignoring them by arrogance even if it is not the case.

Top 5: Defensive and offensive

Defensive when receiving negative feedback. Offensive when people don’t share your point of views.

Top 4: Rude

Being polite is a key to winning people over, and easier than being rude, so where is the point in being rude? Where is the point in doing good job if no one wants to work with you. Rudeness alienate coworkers and most managers will not accept abrasive employees.

Top 3: Lying

Misrepresenting your credentials, lying on time sheets or working hours, misusing expenses or abusing company credit cards, lying to your manager, to the coworkers… These all will lead you to a slow self destruction.

Top 2: Arrogant

Most of people are confused between the terms being confident and being arrogant. Building confidence takes time and needs lot of efforts; arrogance is very simple. In fact, it’s easy to come off as arrogant. I think we all agree that being arrogant is to leave the impression of being a Class-A jerk, people would rather avoid instead of the confident person they want to follow as their idol.

Top 1: Faking reputation

I prefer all the previous top 9 to ruin my reputation rather than this last, that is why I put it as top 1. I saw some cases of some new leaders and managers came from no where, faking a virtual perfect reputation. Suddenly, when we see their way they process ( except the outputs and the outcomes), what they pretended to be and what they are… no relationship at all in an absolute value, I can’t tell how they ended, because honestly, I don’t wish to be in their case. Be always yourself!

Faking reputation in fact here is defined as the combination of arrogance, lying, rudeness and all the above except the top 10.

There you have it guys. Remember; ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently‘. -Warren Buffet

Have a splendid weekend people….



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