How I Got The Job



One beautiful day, I woke up getting set to do what had become a routine ‘Job search’ on all possible job sites I could lay my hands on. As usual it proved abortive. Five months after POP, my desperation to get busy was already having a better part of me, and at this point, any job that seemed doable became my target.

On this day I received a call from my sister informing me about a call I will be getting soon, and she advised I got prepared for it.

The call finally came in…

Caller: Hi, my name is Lucy

Me: Good afternoon Lucy, was expecting your call

Caller: Is this a good time

Me: Sure

Not to bore you, the chat lasted for days, and I was invited for yet another chat in Lucy’s office.

On the day I was to visit Lucy, a part of me suspected it was going to be an interview, and the analytic part of me stubbornly said; ‘hey Vera, it’s just a chat. Look good, but don’t appear too serious’.

I threw on a casual top and my ever faithful black pants, a flat shoe, and then I hit the road.

My meeting with Lucy was scheduled for 1pm, and I got there at past three (closes face).


I met Lucy’s assistant, and another round of chats ensued. Somewhere in my head… ‘This people must have chatting as a major hobby in their CVs’. Did I forget to mention that while I was having this chat with Lucy’s assistant, Lucy sat silent all the while….fueling my curiosity? After what seemed like forever, Lucy stood from her chair, prepared to leave the office and she goes;

Lucy: You resume work tomorrow at 8:30am

Me: huh? Sorry…ok…thank you…huh?

And she had this brilliant smile on her face, as she walked out…….

Did I just get a job?

That was the question I kept asking myself until I got home.

While In the bus, I thought to myself…all the chats, both on phone and in the office, were interviews.

Tip: Conversations over the phone go a long way in revealing who you really are, no matter how much you try to pretend….and every potential employer can sense it.

Your appearance creates an impression of you…Yes! but..

Tip: Beyond your appearance, there are still employers who are not interested in what you have on, but in your confidence, body language, and in what you can bring to the table.

You lack the experience needed to land you a good job? Not totally true

Tip: Never take the little happenings in your life for granted. All that may be needed by an employer is just a story of your life.

Finally, that call you ignored, the unknown caller you spoke rudely to, and the unofficial chat invite you didn’t attend to, may have just landed you the job you’ve been hoping for.

Did you get your job in an unusual way?please do share with us.




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