How To Get The High Paying Jobs



As we rounded up our service year, my colleagues and I took out a day to blab about our expectations after service. Yes! I said blab, because looking at where we are currently and all we said back then, the statements made are worthy to be called blabs…lol!!!

This part of the conversation inspired my write up. Enjoy!

Mike: my God, I can’t wait to leave this place

Me: sarcastically…..I can’t wait to stop seeing your face…everyone busted into laughter

Mike: trust me, the moment I leave here, any company that will not pay me above 150k should ‘gaan’ rest….

Me: concluded in my head to stay silent and see where the conversation was headed

Wunmi: hmmmm! that’s your own, I’m not even bothered. My job is already waiting for me….apparently her rich boyfriend that she never got tired of blabbing about, had promised to fix her somewhere the moment she finishes  with service year……

Me: why do u think you deserve that amount for a start…..?

Mike: …eh…me? Collect less than 150k? …never….hmm!

Me: you’ve not answered the question

Mike: just leave that to me…apparently he had no justification for the statement/amount.

Guys! I have absolutely nothing wrong with having high expectations as a fresh graduate.

But you must first understand that for every high calling, there is a price to pay.

Do you belong to the category of fresh graduates, who have stayed without a job for years, all because they believe the companies out there cannot pay them?

Do you belong to the category that have resolved to apply to companies only with big names as you believe they are the ones that are capable of giving you what you want?

Do you spend time forwarding applications when you should be getting qualified?

‘But that’s what others do, and it has been working for them’.

Personally I don’t remember any rule of thumb that states that what worked for A must work for B in all cases.

Most of the high paying jobs come with tasking responsibilities you MUST be prepared to take up.

If running that professional program will get you qualified, then go for it.

If gaining some months or even years of experience, will get you qualified, then go for either that internship, or that job that can afford to pay you little for so much.

For every single action that can make you qualified for the high paying jobs, get up, dust your feet, and take them.

Enough of building mansions in the air.

Back to our story…..

After waiting for exactly a year for the high paying job without the necessary qualifications, mike finally fell for a company that pays him less than 70k, and has never relented in telling me the competition out there, and how he needs to upgrade Asap.

Wunmi is still job hunting … (pause)…….Yes! I asked the same question…what about our almighty boyfriend? … you should believe me every single time I use the word blab……lol!!!

Me?…..I’m not paid a million dollars, but with the training’s and experiences I have and still garnering with the humble company I work with, I’ll sure be worth more than a  million dollars soon…….*very wide smile*…..lolz!!!

P.S- Get qualified





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