5 Things You Should Do Every Monday Morning







Monday mornings can be the most dreaded time of any week. They signify the start of a long work week. However, Monday mornings can also be the most important part of your weekly routine. What you do during this time can really frame your next seven days. It’s important to get started on the right foot, especially when Monday’s roll around. Here are 5 things you should do every Monday morning:

1. Create your weekly goals list.

To-do lists are a must but they work best for your your daily tasks. To get your week started, create a weekly goals list. This essentially is a list of all that you want to get accomplished this week. Keep them realistic and achievable, since you only have a week to do it. To keep yourself from overreaching, set 3 goals every week. At the end of the week, grade yourself on how well you did on each of them and then use it as a foundation for your next week’s goals.

2. Clean up & get organized.

Before you start tackling your work, take a few moments to prep. Declutter your work station and get organized. A little cleaning can actually increase your productivity significantly. The less mess you have, the less stressed you’ll be. Make sure your environment is conducive to getting work done.

3. Connect with your team.

If you work with a team or have employees, you should check in with them at least once a week, ideally on Mondays. It’s a great way to see how everyone is doing and get any feedback they may have. You should also discuss with your team the week ahead and what their priorities are. You want to make sure everyone is starting off their week the right way and as a team leader, that’s your responsibility.

4. Schedule your meetings.

Monday mornings are hectic, which means you might forget to set up a meeting or two. Once you remember, it’s almost the end of the week and you have to postpone it to next week. It can become a vicious cycle. Schedule your meetings for the week on Monday morning so that you don’t accidentally let it slip through the crack. People’s calendars are also more open at the beginning of the week so you have a higher chance of actually getting to meet with them when you want.

5. Start your biggest project first.

If you’re looking at your to-do list, start your biggest project first. Don’t wait until the end of the week. Otherwise, you’ll be slammed with work all at once. Chip away at it little by little during the workweek so that you’ll practically be done by the time Friday comes around.


Have a wonderful week people!





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