Want to work in Human Resources? Read this!

bbf7957e78594fa0a477a0e1b23cb70eThe human resources field has attracted many people who have an eagerness to advance their careers in a fast-growing field with many enticing opportunities. If you’re a decisive and skilled influencer, then a career in human resources could be your best fit.

Before you make a final decision, here are a few career enablers you need to know:

Start working towards achieving your goals with a degree

Having a fondness for people is not the only trait you’ll need to make it in the human resources field. Employee development, employee retention and a positive and motivated workforce will be critical functions for a business’ and your own success. Therefore, whether you are considering a career in HR or advancing your current career, a bachelor’s degree with a human resources major, or even a master’s, will provide a solid foundation.

Nigeria has some of the best higher learning institutions to begin your journey in human resources.

Learn the basics of the modern day HR professional

The best HR professionals are excellent multi-taskers with strong organisational skills. To succeed in this sector, you’ll also need to be great at engaging with clients, listening to your company’s needs and delivering results.

Applying for some temporary work or offering your services at your current employer will allow you to get a broader, more comprehensive idea what is required of HR professionals in today’s contemporary work environment. Your ability to collaborate with your team mates will play a significant role in determining your longevity within the HR sector.

Start by looking for opportunities at some of Nigeria’s recruitment agencies. Human Edge Limited, Kimberly Ryan, Minerva Recruitment Limited, Doheney Services Limited and NigeriaCV.com, are just a few well-known doors to knock on.

Great prospects and earnings

With a degree in your possession, opportunities for you to land your ideal HR job will be vast. Ultimately, your job propects will vary by your position, but they’ll range from growing as fast as the average of other occupations, to growing faster than the average.

If your job prospects lead you to Lagos, you can expect a median salary of N3.5mil.

Expect a career that’ll keep you focused and engaged

Continuous changes in technology, training and outsourcing make for a field in which growth is rapid and unstoppable. As such, you’ll never have to worry about watching the hours go by as you’ll always be busy and deeply involved in making things happen for your organisation.

Source:: Careers24.com


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