Looking for a new job? First ask yourself these questions

Picture2A few weeks ago, you confidently signed your work contract sure that your new job was the right one for you. And despite promising yourself that you’ll stick this one through, you’re ready to move on. Not only have your co-workers suddenly become a little too difficult to work with, but you’re sure your boss has it out for you… Why is he always walking pass your desk (even if it’s the only way to his desk)?

Although recruiters and hiring managers have lessened the guard on job hopping, it’s important that you change jobs for the right reasons. Having a strategic career plan will ensure that you think several jumps before making a move, and will keep both you and potential employers in the loop about your job hopping decisions.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before taking your next career leap:

What will I benefit from leaving my old job for a new one?

Before moving to your next position, make sure you have a clear and thorough understanding of how your next gig will add to your skill set, experience, maturity as well as your personal satisfaction. If the only reason you’re changing jobs is because “you’re going with the tide”, you might just find yourself surfing job portals for longer than you bargained for.

Will I be able to explain my move to potential employers?

Recruiters can become very skeptical about your job change, especially if done often. As such, it’s important that you have a sound explanation for each career move you make. Relying on “it seemed like the right thing to do at the time” will only serve to put a stamp on recruiters’ skepticism.

Have I stayed in my current position long enough to learn something?

Having a varied career history isn’t a bad thing if it’s backed up by a master plan. But if you chop and change jobs so often that you don’t have the time to develop new skills, it rings the alarm to recruiters. To shake off any suspicion, try to keep each position for at least one year.

What do I want hiring recruiters to think of me?

If you’re trying to move away from your previous position as a personal assistant, yet all you highlight in your CV is your lost job, recruiters will have no choice but to assume that all you want to do with the rest of your life is be a personal assistant. If that’s not the case, make sure to tell a different story on your CV and during interviews.

Am I sure of what I’m giving up from my current position?

Of course, the thought of earning more money or interacting with fresh faces makes you want to jump at your new job opportunity. But have you considered what you’re giving up from your current job? For instance, do you want to go back to taking orders when you were giving them? No? Then ensure you’re not signing your career growth away.

Source:: careers24.com


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