#NarratorExpose: Yemi Amusan



Are you struggling with finding yourself, finding your true purpose and living out your full potential? Have you lost your self-worth from the things/people that influenced you from the past?

Here’s the good news; you have no need to put up with those feelings of inadequacy or try to be like someone else, rather, give this chapter a good listen. Dealing With Low Self-Esteem the seventh chapter in the segment The Journey to Self-Discovery will get you on your way to leading an authentic, fulfilled life.

Dealing With Low Self-Esteem was narrated by Dr. Yemi Amusan, CEO, Lucere Ltd. Yemi’s training in Medicine and transition to project and event management guarantees surgical precision and excellence in everything he does. Yemi has been a huge source of inspiration with the audio book project.

Visit http://bit.ly/2iBqZ2d to listen to an excerpt of Yemi’s chapter. Like what you heard, subscribe to the audiobook by sending YES to 669 or visit https://goo.gl/2lVAoU (ETISALAT NUMBERS ONLY) at N25/Day, N50/Week or N150/month.

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Not your thing? Just think of that friend or neighbour or acquaintance who has not ‘found work ‘ for ages. He/She can do with this info. But they may never find it if you don’t share. Please do 🙂

Have an amazing wednesday

Graduatepro Team


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