Career Exposé: Identify your weaknesses …and then overcome them’ – Estrella Gada, Poet

Estrella Gada – Poet

Hey People! today on career expose, we bring you Estrella Gada -Ambitious, fascinating, and eclectic. Interesting read! Enjoy


GP: Describe yourself in a sentence?

EG: Estrella Gada is an ambitious young woman who has the heart to help change wrong perceptions and impressions about issues close to her heart through the power of communication.

GP: Nice! What exactly do you do?

EG: Professionally, I currently work as a media officer with an international humanitarian organisation in Abuja. Personally, I write. I have been a writer all my life.

GP: How did you start out as a communicator?

EG: Becoming a communicator basically started way before I graduated. As a shy kid in primary six with self-esteem issues, writing was the only outlet I had but even that was unfocused to a large extent. My teacher then, Mr Iyang, took an interest in me and helped me fine-tune my writing. I began writing poetry because of him, a genre I found to be an effective outlet for me. This led me down the path to study mass communication in the university.

My first job after graduation was with an online publishing firm. I was hired to write 20 articles a day on different topics! It was a really challenging job but I thoroughly enjoyed it because I loved writing anyway. After that, I went on to work as a customer care executive because I noticed that while I loved writing, talking with people was a bit awkward for me. Deliberating choosing this next move was meant to help me develop my relational skills and it worked perfectly. My next two jobs were as an administrator with a private engineering firm in Kaduna and then the Centre of excellence for Development Communication in ABU. I believe that those two jobs gave me the skills I needed to be an excellent administrator.

 My foray into the humanitarian world began in 2013 when I got a job as a communication officer for Avocats Sans Frontières France (Lawyers without Borders) and continued in 2015 with my current job as a media officer with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

GP: Amazing! What will you say are the highlights of your career so far?

EG: Working with the online publishing firm after I graduated, it was interesting to see how well-written articles could drive a tremendous amount of traffic to websites. I started off being paid ₦15,000 monthly for writing, but because of the quality of articles I churned out, my salary jumped to ₦40,000 in a short span of time.  It was one of those life-affirming moments that I was doing what I knew I had been gifted to do.

Also, as an administrator working with the engineering firm in Kaduna, I was able to set up an administrative and human resource system that still ran long after I had left the company. I had my boss calling from time to time to ask me if I would come back! Lol!

I was privileged to work on a project called saving lives when I was with Avocats Sans Frontières France. It was aimed at taking death row inmates off death row through commutation of sentences or outright releases.

GP: Wow!!

EG: I worked on the communication strategy that eventually facilitated the release of a minor sentenced to death for killing her husband in a forced marriage situation. It was another proud moment.

GP: Wow. Really impressive. So, what does your job entail?

EG: To a large extent, my job, entails environmental scanning, a process of collating information specific to organisational needs that help to deepen the understanding of unfolding contextual events. I am responsible for coordinating the relationship between the organisation and media. Writing forms a huge part of my job as well. Press releases are my forte. I can write one in my sleep these days! lol

GP: What are the key requirements to excelling in your line of work?

EG: It’s the same requirement that I believe every job demands. Simply identify what needs to be done and do more than is expected, then do it creatively. The ability to relate with people of all backgrounds and remain true to yourself is important as well as the ability to write and speak well.  Other than that, the basic requirements include a strong background in communications or development communication.

GP: Nice… What advice do you have for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

EG: Always identify your weaknesses and work on putting yourself in positions that will help you overcome them. Don’t put down your strengths in the process, rather, let them tide you over until your weaknesses are overcome. Then…read, read and read. Being a communicator not only means being excellent at writing and speaking, it also entails analysing information. Have an opinion about everything and only after you have done your homework.

GP: Any contact details for people who want to reach you?

EG: Yeah, you can reach me via Email; and social media.


To the aspiring or emerging career professional, we hope you enjoyed our interview with Estrella. If you did, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Join us again next week Wednesday as we bring you interesting spotlights on Career Expose series. Have a great week ahead.


About Estrella:

Estrella currently works as a media officer with an international humanitarian organisation in Abuja. She is an ambitious young woman with a heart to change the wrong perception about life’s issues through communication.

The first of 9 children with a northern background, Estrella is a graduate of Mass Communication from ABU. She is happily married to Sam Gada, a digital illusionist. She’s also on Facebook as Estrella Gada


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