Career Exposé: ‘Don’t Settle For Less. Ensure You Remain Relevant’ – John Aduloju, Principal Consultant – Rods & Cones Ltd

Mr. Aduloju John – Principal Consultant, Rods & Cones Ltd.

John is the second man to be showcased on our career expose series. Read and learn the importance of having a clear understanding of what you really want in your career and how to go for it. Enjoy!

GP: Describe yourself in a sentence?

AJ: I’m an unbiased team leader who is keen on actualizing my deliverables.

GP: What do you do?

AJ: I’m a cinematographer/ a TV director/Technical Producer/ system integrator, entrepreneur and a trainer.


GP: Wow! How did you start out?

AJ: I picked the hubby from my dad who was a banker but also a photography enthusiast. It tallied with what I wanted to do in the future and so I set my foot in actualizing and bringing that big dream to life.  Learning photography from my uncle professionally was an eye opener –  which led me into studying communication arts and Yoruba studies at Lagos state University, Ojo – Lagos. In my quest for excellence, I proceeded to learn the business aspect of my job after 4 years of practising. I gathered the managerial and business skills from Lagos Business School, before studying filmmaking at Light film school New York, from where I proceeded to Delyok film academy. I am currently studying in view at the prestige special and dedicated school for cinematography, Global Cinematography Institute, USA.


GP: What are the highlights of your career so far?

AJ: I am a technical consultant for an European system integration company that sells and distribute Broadcast and film equipment and also build OBVan for various broadcasters around the world. We’ve recently built about 8 in west Africa.

I have also positioned myself to be relevant in various projects in diverse capacities, from Nigerian Idols to Xfactor Africa. I have also Produced Investigative features for one of the biggest UK platform  – ITV News UK and NBC universal USA.  Engaged with the likes of CNN African Voices and BBC Africa Business Reports and years of thorough work on the field for SABC News and presently the list is growing.

I have served under various associations as; secretary general to ITPAN (Independent television Producers Association of Nigeria) and President, Cinematography Society of Nigeria.  I am also the only member of the Steadicam Operators Association from West Africa.


GP: Quite impressive! What does your job entail?

AJ: I’m a man of so many Portfolio. My job entails thorough planning from inception to production or supplies as the case may be and then to post or pre-implementation and delivery. Amidst all this, is the management of human resources and crew service for various clientele.

GP: What are the key requirements to excelling in your line of work?

AJ: Passion, Knowledge, on-site and academic upgrade while maintaining professional ethics and discipline at all time.

GP: What advice do you have for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

AJ: Follow your dream, don’t settle for less, ensure you are always relevant and disciplined.

GP: Any contact details for people who want to reach you?



To the aspiring or emerging career professional, we hope you enjoyed our interview with John. If you did, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Join us again next week Wednesday as we bring you interesting spotlights on our all new Career Expose series. Have a great week ahead*****

About John:

Mr John Aduloju is an American trained cinematographer/TV director/producer, who has worked home and abroad with the cream of the Nigerian film and television broadcast industry. He is currently the principal consultant at rods and cones Ltd. delivering the best in digital broadcast and film technology.
His journey started at LASU where he studied communications art and Yoruba studies. That same year, he moved on to ITPAN, where he bagged a training in camera operations and lighting techniques.

Between 2006 – 2008, he moved from National Film Institute – Jos, to African Film Academy (AFA) where he studied 24P cinematography and cinematography respectively. He climaxed his training at Light Film School New York, where he studied Film-making.

Mr Aduloju John has served under various associations as; Secretary general to ITPAN (Independent television Producers Association of Nigeria) and President, Cinematography Society of Nigeria.
He is currently the only member of the Steadicam Operators Association from West Africa.

He is happily married and blessed with amazing kids.


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