Career Expose: ‘Stay Foolish So You Can Learn New Things’ – Anurika Azubuike – Founder, Customer Attraction Academy


Anurika Azubuike – Founder, Customer Attraction Academy

A leading expert in Customer Attraction, inspiring speaker, author, mentor, trusted professional advisor, wife, mother – Anurika Azubuike, is our feature today on career expose. Be sure to learn a thing or two on customer attraction. Enjoy! 

GP: Describe yourself in a sentence

AA: Anurika Azubuike is a woman making an impact in the world; who believes that indeed ‘Happiness is the greatest’, the literary translation of her name, as to be happy is to be fulfilled and no one can truly make you happy except you.

GP: Yeah!  What do you do?

AA: In a simple phrase – ‘Customer Attraction’.

I help small and medium sized businesses move from being invisible in the marketplace to being irresistible to their customers, by teaching them how to effectively and efficiently attract and keep more paying customers. I do that through a platform called Customer Attraction Academy, a learning community dedicated to business owners and professionals who want to create a high level of success in business.

GP: How did you start out? 

AA: As one whose growing up years were in a family running a business of its own, the concept of business and hard work had been deeply ingrained in me. I always knew that I would run a business of my own someday.

Every step in my journey and all my experiences till this very moment have contributed to who I am today. After a stint in broadcasting gathering news content, I became a journalist with a specialist magazine in Information Technology. From there, I went on to working with Marketing Communication agencies. The experiences were very rewarding but something was still off.

I started my first business 16 years ago. Though I was getting by, there were many things fundamentally wrong. I made mistakes running small businesses of my own. I learned from those mistakes, equipped myself with the right kind of knowledge and the right kind of application which saw me getting enormous results. I then set out to help others who were like me and who struggled in their business like I used to.

Through my practical knowledge and experiences, I help these business owners maximise their current and untapped potentials to get them superb results for growing their businesses.


It’s amazing how what you need can be right in front of you and you don’t even realise it. As a Business owner, chances are that you might be too close to your work to see things from a better, more efficient and effective perspective. As I always say, my business is to help more businesses get more business.

GP: Very unique. What will you say are the highlights of your career so far? 

AA: My biggest fulfillments are the testimonies and feedback I get from the awesome people I have had the privilege of working with. That chance to make a difference in people’s businesses and lives is something that can never be quantified.

In 7 months, the Academy currently boasts of 1,680 members in over 42 cities across 15 countries of the world (predominantly in Africa) at its Premier level membership, and with 55 members at its Pro and Advanced memberships.

I am the Author of the book, ‘Customer Attraction: How to Attract and Keep more Paying Customers in Business’ (, which was released to the public on 31st October 2016. In the book, I share practical insights from my personal experience on what business owners and managers must do in order to get it right in business. The audiobook sold over 100 copies in 2 months and the feedback has been beyond outstanding. Readers of the book have practically described it as a ‘life saver’ in their businesses.My second book is in the pipeline and due to be released by mid-year 2017.

My goal is to impact over 2000 small businesses directly and indirectly in a space of 12 months. It was an audacious task when I first set that target but today, I see that it is very possible.

GP:  Wow! really impressive. So what are the key requirements to excelling in your line of work?

AA: There are basically five things involved – A Powerful mindset, Competence and a burning passion, Persistence, Personal development, Research and technology. Without these five, there’s not much progress one can make.

GP: What advice do you have for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

AA: Well, I hope they’re absolutely sure this is what they want to do. The first rule; Know thyself. Don’t do anything only because others are doing it. If it’s outside something you’re passionate about, chances are it most likely won’t work out. If they’re absolutely sure this is what they want to do, then they have to be mentally prepared.

Marketing is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. It is the heartbeat of any business, for without it the business will remain stunted. However, to thrive in marketing, the words of Steve Jobs will ring true here, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Stay hungry for knowledge. Stay foolish so you can learn new things.

Your vast knowledge and resourcefulness is your greatest asset. Ensure that you are several steps ahead in terms of what an organisation needs to grow.

GP: That was timely. Any contact details for people who want to reach you?

AA: They can simply send me an email at or find me on major social media networks.

GP: Thank you for an insightful interview.


To the aspiring or emerging career professional, we hope you enjoyed our interview with Anurika. If you did, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Join us again next week Wednesday as we bring you interesting spotlights on our all new Career Expose series. Have a great week ahead.


About Anurika:

Anurika Azubuike is a leading expert in Customer Attraction and an inspiring speaker, author, mentor and trusted professional advisor in the areas of business strategy, marketing, branding and communications. She has fulfilled her passion for over 16 years and has spent the past 11 years partnering with corporate organisations, small and medium-sized businesses and highly motivated individuals to create transformational and sustainable results for their brands and business profits.

Through her brainchild, Customer Attraction Academy®, she expresses her biggest focus on helping businesses get more business through strategies that let them gain control and take ownership of their market spaces.

She is a foodie and loves to travel. She manages her thriving practice in Lagos, Nigeria with her amazing husband and their three children.

She welcomes individuals ready to win big in business to join her online community on Facebook at and can be found on Twitter and Instagram on @AnurikaAzub


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