Career Expose: ‘You Must Have The Ability To Not Just Think Outside The Box But Totally DESTROY THE BOX’ – Esosa Adetokunbo Osagiede

Esosas‘ story is sure to give you reasons, why you must take full advantage of the NYSC scheme, and insights on how you can attain success and fufillment by going for what you want rather than following the park. Enjoy!


GP: Describe yourself in one sentence?

EO:  I am a creative writer with a wealth of experience working on different indigenous/international brands, cutting across different industries.

 GP: What do you do?

EO: I solve communication problems using the tools of strategy and marketing communication.

 GP: Interesting. May we know how you started out?

EO:  All my life, I had always loved to write, I always loved to tell interesting stories about anything and everything around me. After leaving the University, when everyone was scrambling for a bank job and getting reposted to the big cities, I packed my bags and went to serve in some remote village on the outskirts of Oshogbo in Osun state. I had looked forward to NYSC, and was determined to soldier on giving it all it took. It also gave me ample time to think, one thing I knew was I didn’t want to work in a straight-jacketed environment where I would be confined to a desk and computer and forced to dress in formal attire. I wanted an environment, where I’ll be allowed to think out of the box without any restrictions. I spoke to a lady  (Rita Ezenwa), who was then kind enough, to point me in the direction of Orange Academy (a creative ideas school) and this launched me into this world of advertising. Graduating top of my class, the Chief Creative Thinker of the Orange Academy, picked me to work with him at CentreSpread FCB. Here I cut my teeth in copywriting working on several brands. 11 months later, I moved on to 141 Worldwide where I spent 8 years, also working on different brands and climbing up the corporate ladder. I have since moved on to Leo Burnett Lagos where I am Senior Group Head Copy. I must say I haven’t regretted the decision to face my service year instead of following the bandwagon.

GP: Wow! absolutely impressive. What will you say are the key highlights of your Career?

EO: Seeing your idea make it out alive, without it being aborted either by your superiors or the client. I equate every idea to the natural conceptual process of birthing a child. Sweet and exciting during conception, but can be a gruelling painful process – carrying, nurturing it inside and then pushing it out (the brainwork is out of this world). Some ideas come easy (like some pregnancies) while some don’t.

GP: I agree with you on that. What really does your job entail?

EO:  A good knowledge of the industry where your client operates. It entails a keen understanding of trends (the past, present and future trends). It entails not just creating ads for ad sake but solving human problems. It entails making sure; every brief is speaking directly to the target and not above their heads.

GP: What do you think are the key requirements for excelling in your line of work?

EO: To be an ok copywriter, requires playing to the gallery and refusing to accept all sorts of criticisms that will get thrown at your work. To be a GREAT copywriter, you must have a thick skin, must have the ability to not just think outside the box but totally DESTROY THE BOX, be a great sales person (the ability to sell your idea is key) and also be a great listener and TEAM player. Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere.

 GP: Any word of advice? 

 EO:  Anyone who comes to me to say they want to work in advertising, I do to them what was done to me; I point them to a good creative school to help them horn their skills, engage with other creative minds and get a clearer picture of what advertising is all about and where they fit in.

GP:  Contact details?


GP: Thank you for your time.


To the aspiring or emerging career professional, we hope you enjoyed our interview with Esosa. If you did, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Join us again next week Wednesday as we bring you interesting spotlights on our all new Career Expose series. Have a great week ahead.


About Esosa:

Esosa Osagiede has over nine years experience working in Integrated Marketing Communications and Business Development. Her experience in communications started while she was in the University (doing pro bono work) and has seen her work with several marketing and communications agencies some of which are: Centerspread FCB, 141Worldwide (a member of the Ogilvy network) and now  Leo Burnett and on dozens of brands, cutting across different industries.  Her passion for birthing new brands has seen her coming up with groundbreaking ideas that have been exposed on conventional and unconventional forms of media.  She was instrumental in launching several brands into the Nigerian market some of which include: Etisalat, Western Union and Multichoice. The Advertising industry has given her vast opportunities to conceptualise and strategically solve business and communication problems and with each brand, she has learnt how to improve her skills as a writer and a content strategist.

Her experiences have seen her develop educational/enlightening materials that have helped challenge narratives and change the rhetoric on different issues.

Passionate about brand positioning and politics, you would catch Esosa lending her voice to discuss topical issues every Saturday between 9:30 am – 10:00 am on a radio program called Sistaz Ville on Radio Continental 102.3 FM. She also writes for a lifestyle magazine.

Her personal mantra: Never say Never…

Her other passions include: Exploring new cities, Dining out and reading




2 thoughts on “Career Expose: ‘You Must Have The Ability To Not Just Think Outside The Box But Totally DESTROY THE BOX’ – Esosa Adetokunbo Osagiede”

  1. Excellent interview ! Esosa Osagiede is a business woman with incredible talent and has a lot to share. She is extremely insightful and I appreciate everything she had to share with us. Her peers as well as anyone that knows and comes in contact with her will benefit greatly from her knowledge and expertise.


  2. I am proud to say that I know Esosa. And one thing I can say is that creativity has become her lifestyle…unconsciously. You just sense it in her. Thanks for sharing her story. It will indeed inspire.


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